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Some natural remedies for hypertension

In general, we understand the pressure by just two numbers. Do you know what exactly is? Is actually the force that blood exerts on artery walls when it flows through them. Every time you exert yourself, it is quite natural to have this pressure above the normal range. However, if you are at rest and you still have the pressure higher than the range of 120-139 is then defined as hypertension.

When your doctor diagnoses you with this issue, you are prompted to take some prescribed medications. However, these drugs have certain side effects, whereby people are turning to natural remedies for hypertension. There are several such remedies, but you should consult your doctor before taking these medicines.

Here are some natural remedies for hypertension-

Extracts of herbs, fruits and vegetables-celery juice always serves good for the treatment of hypertension. One of the natural supplements for high blood pressure is the juice of celery. This juice is very delicate and have a diuretic effect on senior individuals from BP. Can be taken in combination with water and carrot juice. Follow the prescription recommended by your naturopath.

Reflexology-this therapy includes movements of feet, hands and solar plexus. These specific movements of body parts are considered as good high blood pressure natural remedies. It is always best to consult a Reflexologist prior to every movement. This method works as a great help, so one must pass their drug effort to reflexology.

Audio-therapy refers to listening to good music soft for about half an hour every day. For this, sit comfortably, relax, close your eyes and listen to music. You can also use headphones to avoid noise and distraction. Listening to music can be accompanied by meditation and deep breathing.

Therapy-vitamins and minerals vitamins and minerals-rich food products are the best supplements for high blood pressure. If a multi-vitamin is enough but sometimes, doctors also suggest to some extra vitamins.

You can also take supplements of calcium and magnesium, flax seed oil, vitamin E, Coenzyme Q-10, Hawthorn Berry capsules, etc.

Yoga-yoga or yoga practices are also a big help as high blood pressure natural remedies. The two important positions are the body posture and the posture of the knee. You should not practice anything until and unless you have been guided by a few yoga instructor.

Hypertension is a disorder with the exception of certain cases. Therefore, only a few changes in your lifestyle and eating habits can be the cure to this problem. Do regular exercise and eating healthy food. Live life happy, stress free and enjoy every moment of your. Then, you will see how this problem magically disappears.

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